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Sewer Repair & Blocked Drains

Our professional plumbers can perform any sewer repair & unblock any drain.

Your local Coffs Harbour blocked drain and sewer specialists

Coffs Harbour’s residents know what a beautiful tropical area we live in. With the beauty comes heavy rainfall, and this can cause blockages in stormwater and sewer drains. Tree roots can also enter your drainage systems seeking nutrients and cause your system to back up into your property or home.

Jetty Plumbing understands that this type of blockage needs to be taken care of immediately. We have all the proper equipment to help if your sewer or storm system is blocked. Call Jetty Plumbing if you have any issues with blocked drains of any kind. We are here to help.

How our plumbers can help you

Identify & Locate

We use high-tech CCTV drain cameras to quickly inspect and locate blockages and other issues.

Sewer Repairs

Our highly experienced professional plumbers perform fast and efficient sewer repairs.

Fix Blocked Drains

Experiencing a stubborn blocked drain? Call us, and we can have it fixed asap!

Unblocking a drain

A few tips to determine if your stormwater drains are blocked or you are in need of sewer repair.

  • Look at your stormwater system when it’s raining. Often there are connections near the ground for your downpipes to join into the stormwater. If you inspect these during rain, the water will be backing up at this connection. Take photos for your plumber or even a video.
  • Drain grates are full of debris like leaves, sticks, and rubbish. These grates are on the ground surface, so a quick examination will show you if they’re clogged or not.
  • Water is not being drained properly, and perhaps instead coming out of your downpipes.
  • If you hear strange sounds coming from your drains, you could have a blockage. Usual strange sounds include rushing water or gurgling and can sometimes even be seen in your drain.
  • Check your overflow relief gully. This is the grated gully that is outside your home and there may be a hose tap over it or your kitchen may drain into it. If this is overflowing then this is a sign that you have a blockage in your sewer. Call Jetty Plumbing for assistance.
  • If you have found a blockage in your sewer it may be a council problem. Sometimes a council main can back up. If you have a sewer blockage call council to make sure it’s not on their end first.

What we provide and how we repair your sewer system

We include full and extensive plumbing services when it comes to sewer repair and unblocking your storm & sewer drains. If you experience plumbing blockages because of a storm, then there is more than flooding in your property that is the problem, which is why we look at everything.

  • First, we clear the blockage. We do this by using high-pressure water jetting equipment
  • Then, we examine the pipes, drains, and plumbing for any obstructions or damage. We use only the best technology – CCTV drain cameras to quickly inspect and locate issues. Common blockages are from tree roots entering old earthenware pipes, broken pipe, grease blockages and even squashed drain lines. Proper repair here is crucial as the blockage may come back.

Don’t take the chance of clearing stormwater or sewer drains yourself or by hiring an unskilled professional. Our team has over 30 years of experience, which means we can guarantee your satisfaction with our plumbing services. Our plumbers are specialists in stormwater and sewer drains. They will not only clear the affected area but inspect the line to ensure there is no damage or if there is damage then they will come up with the solution for a repair. A blocked drain could lead to a costly and unsafe emergency situation. When this happens, you know you can contact Jetty Plumbing 24 hours a day for professional solution-based service.

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