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Tips to determine if a pipe has burst or is leaking

Do you have higher than normal water bills, but none of your toilets and taps are leaking? Is there a constant wet area in your yard, even though it has not rained in weeks? If you have a high water bill you may have a leak in your pipework under the ground that you can not see. It may be coming to the surface and causing a pool of water or getting away without a sign. Here are a few things to try to help you before you call in the experts.

Run a quick test using your water meter

Take a photo and make sure nobody turns a tap on in the home. Also, make sure that there are no leaking toilets or taps, also check the hot water system to see it is leaking. Set your timer for 10 minutes and go back after and take a reading. Here is a great link to help you learn just how to read your water meter if your meter is ticking over and you can just watch it spin this may mean you have a leak in the main water line.

Look for puddles and wet patches in your backyard

Check for puddles or wet patches in the yard but make sure that it has just not rained. You will need to wait until it is dry to do this step. If you find a wet patch it may be a leak in the waterline. Another spot to check is the street. If your home is on a hill and the street is below water can leak out and make its way here either through the ground or maybe into your storm system somehow and get to the street.

Check your hot water system for leaks

Examine your hot water system, as these can be a sneaky one. There are several valves on the hot water system that can leak, even the system itself may be leaking. Often times our hot water units are located in an out of the way place, like in the laundry in a cupboard, under the home, on or in the roof space. The most common valve that leaks on these are called the TPR valve ( temperature pressure relief valve ) this is a safety valve and should never be capped off or sealed in any way. This valve is usually piped to a floor drain or outside the home somewhere. These valves can fail open and leak quite a bit of water unnoticed so this as a good one to check if you can.

Make sure your toilet isn’t leaking

Toilets are famous for leaking and causing high water bills so be sure to have a look and listen to make sure that it’s not the sneaky toilet leak.

If You Suspect a Leak We Are Here to Help

Burst or leaking pipes are not always easy to find, but we are experts in finding and repairing them. Whether we need to locate the specific area and dig to repair it or perform a re-run of a section of water line, we are here to solve your problem. Call, text or email any enquires to us and we will make time to solve your issue. with over 20 years of experience, Jetty Plumbing is the team for you.