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Your Local Bathroom/Kitchen Renovations & Modifications Plumber

Your Local Plumber for Bathroom Renovations & Modifications

Is it time for a bathroom renovation or kitchen upgrade?

Do you know what is involved in moving a drain in the slab and the associated costs of this rather than leaving it where it is now? or moving water points in a brick wall? At jetty plumbing, we have dealt with all this for years and are experts at advising and performing these types of works. Renovations can be frustrating and knot knowing costs and options will not help. We are here to help and have helped dozens of people before. 

We service Coffs Harbour & the surrounding Coffs Coast

We work across the entire Coffs Harbour region, providing a large range of plumbing services. So if you have any queries about renovating your bathroom or kitchen then please send us an email. We can organise a time that suits you and advise you on;

  • What is possible and not possible.
  • If it will cost more than your budget, and if so, what would be a more cost-effective solution.

Either way, Jetty Plumbing is here for you and will work with you to achieve your goals.