Need a plumber to repair your leaking taps or clogged toilet?

A leaking tap or toilet can cause serious damage

If you find water around the toilet on the floor or suspect a water leak further down the pipe. It’s important to call a specialist to assess the situation. Water leaks can cause extensive damage to your bathroom floor and can even create more serious damage to your property. Don’t allow it to continue, even if it seems small. This is because you aren’t able to see the full extent of the problem. 

Call us, we will repair your leaking taps, clogged toilets and any other plumbing issue. We are a local Coffs Harbour plumber, and we service not only Coffs but also surrounding areas on the Coffs Coast

We Fix Leaking taps

Leaking Taps & Tap Repairs

A faulty leaking tap? Overflown bathroom? or the constant dripping noise is driving you up the wall? We can fix your taps fast, at any time with our experienced professional plumbers.

Toilet repairs

Is your toilet not flushing? Or the water won’t stop running? Is your toilet making funny noises? What might cause you headaches for weeks, is a simple problem for us. We have quick and easy solutions for you, and we can repair your toilet in no time.

Need a toilet Upgrade? 

Are you thinking of installing a new flushing system or the latest toilet design? We are experts in this area and have many suggestions and solutions, ready for you to decide.

Is your toilet blocked? 

Blocked toilet? Overflown bathroom? We can unblock your toilet fast and without leaving your bathroom messy. With our experienced and well-equipped team of plumbers, we unclog any toilet and fix any other clogging problems further down the pipe.

Leaking Tap Repair & Toilets

Is your tap leaking? Clogged toilet? Call the professionals

Are you having trouble with a leaking tap, or the toilet is backed up? We have a team of plumbing specialists that can visit your home or business in no time at all. Give our team a call today for fast and efficient repairs.

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