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Hot water is necessary for households today and if you have run out or had issues with yours you will know what we are talking about here. Jetty plumbing is a Coffs Harbour plumber that can get your hot water back up and running in no time. We specialise in this area.

We provide services for various types of hot water systems

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Electric Hot Water Systems
Instantaneous Gas Hot Water Systems
Solar Hot Water Systems

Benefits of A Electric Hot water system


An advantage of having an electric hot water storage system on a property is that you can heat it once a day on off-peak electricity and store the heated water until use. This saves money on electricity and keeps a good quantity of water ready to use. Electric storage units can be installed from $1250.00 to $2400.00 depending on the size required. The average Coffs Harbour house will have a 250 litre unit and you can go up from here.

Most electric systems these days have a 10-year warranty on the tank and 1-year warranty on the element and thermostat. We would not recommend installing an electric unit with a shorter warranty.

Prices may vary depending and this is a general costing only. Also, an electrician will be required to disconnect and reconnect the electrics. Electric storage systems are the most common in the residential setting as they are simple and cost-effective.

Installation & repair of Hot water systems

Having issues and in need of hot water system repair services? Call your plumbing professionals

Having trouble with your hot water system? Getting warm or cold water? Low water pressure? Need to replace a leaking system? These are things that we can help you with. Whether it’s a diagnosis of a problem, the need for a new unit or just wanting to upgrade. We have the plumbing skills to repair or install a brand new one.

Hot Water System Repair & Replacement

Common issues & repairs for hot water units

We have repaired many systems, and the most common issues are;

  • Cold, lukewarm or no hot water at all.
  • Leaking Valves that need replacing due to old age or a fault. But don’t worry, leaking valves can generally be replaced without worry and can cost between $30 – $120 ( excluding labour ) depending on the valve.
  • The system is quite old and in need of replacing.


How do you know if your electric storage system needs a plumber? Here are some things to look out for and call a plumber if you notice them.

  • How old is your hot water unit? All systems have a date of manufacture. There will be a sticker on it somewhere and here is where you can find a date. If the system is 15 to 20 years old it may be worth investing in a new one or at least preparing a budget for a replacement when it’s time.
  • Water leaking from the actual tank unit somewhere. Is there water leaking out of the top of the tank or is there water coming from a fitting. If there is water coming from the actual unit itself it may be time to replace.
  • No hot water? When you tell us this some of the things we ask is. Is the water coming out of the hot tap cold or no water coming out of the hot tap at all? If there is no water coming out of the hot tap is it every hot tap or just one?
  • If there is cold water coming out of the hot tap but you go to the tank and you can feel that there is hot water inside it then it is time to call Jetty Plumbing.
  • If there is cold water at the hot tap and cold water in the unit and you have checked that the unit is not leaking anywhere then it may be time for an electrician. Often the element or thermostat causes problems with electric hot water systems and a plumber can not help you with this. You will need an electrician.
  • If you notice a valve or fitting leaking and the tank is ok then it’s time to call Jetty Plumbing.


If you’re just not sure about anything. If you have no hot water anymore and need help because you don’t know where to start then call Jetty Plumbing and we can send one of our highly trained technicians to help you get back on track. We are glad to help.

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Solar Hot Water Installation & Repair
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Hot Water System Repair & Replacement

Instantaneous Gas Hot Water System Repair & Installation

The benefits of Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas hot water can be great either in storage form or instant hot water. Gas storage is not very common for residential properties here in Coffs Harbour, the most common form is the instant hot water system or on-demand systems.

Great for very large families or someone who never wants to run out of hot water. These systems are the best in cities where natural gas is available as the cost of LPG is more. Running out of hot water is never a very nice thing to have happen. Especially over the Christmas period when you have two aunties and 15 cousins visiting.

Pricing of Gas Hot Water Systems

Costs of these units fall between $900 and $2,000 depending on the size of the system but the average would be around $1,000. 

This does not include install as it depends if the property already has gas or not and where the unit can be located according to the plumbing code, and these units also need a powerpoint to plug into in order to operate.

Hot Water System Repair & Replacement

Solar Hot Water Systems

Pricing of Solar Hot Water System installation

People often ask what it costs to install a solar hot water system and which is the best type of system to install, Split system (tank on the ground and Panels on the roof) or Highline system (tank and panels on the roof) and the answer is not super straight forward but this may help shed some light.

Solar units usually cost between $5,500 and $6,500 Installed for either type ( government rebate is signed over otherwise add $1,000). This will include the electrical connection as well. The government rebate is usually handed to the plumber as this allows the home owners initial outlay to be less. The reason you want to install a solar hot water system would usually be to reduce your electricity bill, and if done properly will definitely do this. The only con is the larger initial outlay. 

The two types of solar water systems we recommend

Split system ( tank on ground and panels on the roof )

Panels on the roof are good but the tubes are better. There is a system called Apricus that is the sports car of split systems and this is the one we recommend. Tubes tend to last longer and produce more heat ( so on winter days better heating ). These systems work with a pump, electric controller and two to three sensor wires to tell the temperatures. The way these systems operate is when it is sunny the sun heats the tubes and the roof sensor. I If the tank sensor is colder than the roof sensor then the pump will turn on to bring the hot water from the roof into the tank.

Highline system ( tank and panels on the roof )

These systems are great because they do not have a pump and wires and module board, they operate on a thermosiphon basis. The tank and panels are installed at a slight angle and when the sun hits the panels the angle allows the hot water to be naturally pulled through the panels and into the tank.

Our recommended Highline system is the Rinnai 300 litre stainless system. This system is great as the tank is stainless steel and most other components are aluminium copper and brass. 

Things to think of for solar hot water

  • Can my roof handle the weight of this system (400 kilos for a Highline)
  • Do I have space for one and is there a section of my roof that faces north (most sun collected)
  • Are there other buildings or trees that are blocking the sun
  • Is my home 1 or two stories

If you are thinking of solar hot water please call us on 0459339205 for a free site visit.

Call a Professional

If you’re experiencing any problems with your hot water, it’s time to call in a professional that can repair it in a timely manner. We are reliable, courteous, and we consist of only certified plumbing professionals. Not only do we offer solutions for this plumbing issue, but we also offer all plumbing services. These include, blocked drains, all bathroom and kitchen plumbing issues, gas fitting and much more.

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