Picture this, it’s Easter long weekend and the whole family is over, there is a pile of dishes the size of the big banana. It’s going to take hours to wash those dishes, however, there is a simple solution, a Dishwasher! Well, Jetty Plumbing provides dishwasher installation services in Coffs Harbour and the surrounding Coffs Coast. So be rest assured, we can install your new dishwasher so you can relax after dinner and get a bit of time back to do what you want. Here’s some information that may help you make that decision. If it’s just a simple swap out then we can disconnect, upgrade the water supply valve if necessary and remove the old appliance form site as well and the packaging. Now that’s service.

Tips to help you pick the right dishwasher

  • Do you have space for one? Often times people want a dishwasher but don’t have a spot for it. Usually, a dishwasher is 600mm wide and designed to fit under a counter. So if you look for the one you want and then get the dimensions to make sure it will fit first that will take the same time and money.
  • Try to locate the new dishwasher as close to the sink as possible. Having your dishwasher next to the sink is the ideal location, as most people put their dishes in the sink, so it makes it much easier to transfer them from the sink to your newly installed dishwasher. Additionally, when the dishwasher is close to the sink, the drain pump will not have to work as hard and may extend the life of the dishwasher.


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