Backflow prevention methods are an extremely important part of the plumbing process. It is a way to protect both business owners and the general community from contaminants that may infiltrate their water supply and cause ill effects if not worse.

What is Backflow?

For those unfamiliar with this term, backflow is when unwanted, non-potable water enters the drinkable water supply. The result is polluted water that can harm your internal and external health in a number of ways, including gastrointestinal issues, disease, decreased immune system, and symptoms associated with such.

What Causes It?

Backflow often occurs when pipes freeze and burst, pipes get backed up, or when water demand is high and water flow diminishes, requiring it to be sourced from less than ideal environments. The polluted water that comes as a result of backflow typically contains chemicals from fertilisers, pharmaceuticals, or other potentially poisonous or toxic substances.

What We Do?

As detrimental as water backflow can seem, there is good news. When you employ proper backflow testing and maintenance methods, you can prevent problems in your  plumbing system before they start. Jetty Plumbing offers backflow services and installation.   

Our Maintenance Process

  1. The first thing we do when we visit your property is to identify what level of risk your plumbing is currently at. If you have a water supply connection at your business, your risk will be greater. It will either be deemed Low Risk (you may have back flowing water but it will not cause health concerns), Medium Risk (water backflow may endanger health) or High Risk (water backflow will endanger health greatly and may even cause death).
  2. It goes without saying that Medium and High Risk situations should be treated with a matter of urgency. Businesses that fall within either of these categories require a backflow prevention device, which must be maintained consistently and checked every 12 months at least to ensure safety of patrons and employees.
  3. After we determine your general risk, we will do a more in-depth assessment to figure out which type of backflow prevention device is best for your commercial property. The type of valves used for your water connection and the pressure level within your property are key indicators in which device is ideal.
  4. Once a device is chosen, it will be installed beside your water metre. It is crucial to hire a professional and knowledgeable plumber such as someone from the Jetty plumbing  team to make sure that your device is installed correctly.
  5. Every 12 months a trusted member of Jetty Plumbing  will visit your business to test that the backflow prevention device is functioning as it should. We will make sure that there are no leaks present, contaminants getting into the water or water pressure concerns.
  6. If your backflow device is damaged, dated or not working properly, we can repair or replace your device quickly.

Stay Informed with Jetty Plumbing

Ignorance is not always bliss– especially not when health is involved. Remain on top of any water safety problems before they escalate by utilising the services, experience and resources of Jetty Plumbing.  Our staff are reliable and our service is efficient. That is why we are one of Coffs Harbours best. Keep your water safe and free from contaminants with our help.