How to find a reliable local plumber near me

Our top tips to find the right local plumber for you

Remember; Price, Quality and Communication are key

When looking for a local plumber, often customers will not know how to find a good one or someone that is reliable, who will always answer the phone or be able to help in the case of an emergency.

So, we have some tips and tricks to find the right professional plumber in your area that you can rely on:

Ask your friends for recommendations

Ask around, good plumbers are out there and if you ask a few people the good names will pop up, so don’t be scared to ask all your friends or friends of friends.

Google & reviews are your friend

Use google and read the reviews. Google is not a bad source. Businesses that use Google and have an online presence are out there trying their hardest to be the best they can be. Look for organic search results as well as paid ads. Use all this as a gauge to get the feel for the plumber you would like. Most importantly, visit their website!

Do they respond promptly?

Call them and leave a message if you don’t get someone. Good businesses will call back or respond in a short time and either let you know whether or not they can help or if you will need to wait.

Be proactive; Find a plumber before you are scrambling to find one

Get a plumber before you need a plumber. Do your research and find a plumber before the poo hits the fan that way if an emergency happens you will have the number of a great tradesperson. If they can’t help, they may be able to recommend someone that can. Good businesses work together to help others.

Price is an indication of quality

Most plumbers are a similar price so stick in that range. If you want a cheap tradesman often you will get cheap work. Plumbers are licensed and go to school for several years to learn the proper way to install and fix things not to mention the thousands of hours of on the job training and countless years on the tools. This will pay off in spades for you, so use a licensed plumber.

Presentation is everything

Clean uniform, Vehicle and professional attitude should be at the top of your list.

Experienced plumbers will give you an idea of cost earlier rather than later

Ask for a price or a ballpark. A good company will be able to inform you of a general costing, if not an exact price depending on the job. If the job is large or in-depth then get then to make time to come around and look at the work. Just don’t expect them straight away as good businesses will be busy. Often an email enquires is the best if its not an emergency.


This is by far the most important part, make sure you use a licensed and insured plumber!

For additional information on what to look for when finding a plumber, check out this great resource from Fair Trading NSW.

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